Observation: Hatcher Pass

Location: Rae Wallace

Route & General Observations

Started in the IM parking lot at 8pm. Microdot bench to Rae Wallace. The standard Rae up chute had a debris from a cornice fall. The cornice block was bigger than a refrigerator. We skinned up a chute or two down. Slightly disorienting in the dark.

Red Flags
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Observer Comments

Cornice fall in the standard up chute. We think it was natural as there were no tracks in the chute. However, our 5,000 lumen lights couldn't quite see well enough where it started. Appeared to be new but not new,new. Maybe a day old?

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Clear night sky, excellent stars, slight breeze in the parking lot, car read 3F at the lot.

Snow surface

Beautiful ski quality


We did not dig a formal pit just quick Hand pits. Encountered decent slough but nothing fast. Real soft wind affect near the top of the chute we were in.

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