Observation: Hatcher Pass

Location: Presidents

Route & General Observations

Road conditions prohibited us from getting to the Fishhook Lot but we made it to Archangel Parking Lot and toured up Presidents. One foot of new fresh snow had accumulated from the recent storm ending on 2/22. We did not observe cracking or red flags, nor did we notice any recent avalanches but visibility was flat and low.

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Overcast skies and 26F degrees at 2900 feet. Light winds from the south did not produce blowing snow. Sporadic light upslope snow showers throughout the tour. Pleasant.

Snow surface

One foot of recent snow rested above a firm but degrading old melt-freeze crust from the past week of warmth 2/12-2/19. The new snow was settling and seemed fairly well bonded to the old crust surface in numerous quick pits. Waves of wind drifted snow were evident as you gained elevation but slabs seemed to lack the density and energy needed to propagate cracks. Windward southeast aspects were variable with scoured surfaces and new snow making for cautious turns in the low light conditions. In this area the old crust was breaking down and did not appear to be an icy glaze as seen elsewhere in lower elevations.


The illustration from our pit at 2900 feet shows the layering scheme. We did not get propagation on our ECTN22 but had a mostly planar shear quality in a CT21RP as expected at the old Mf crust. No alarming jumps in hardness amidst layers and the persistent weak grains were moist and rounding. We topped out at 3875 feet and descended with quality turns on a wind protected slope.

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