Observation: Other Regions

Location: Portage, Byron Peak

Route & General Observations

We triggered a wind slab avalanche on the shoulder of Byron Peak today. Two skiers were caught but
neither were buried and there were no injuries. The crown was 1-3 ft deep and 30 to 50 ft across on a NE aspect at 1800 ft. The avalanche was a hard slab that broke into large chunks but only ran out about 100 ft. The hard windslab was on top of an old melt or sun layer which acted as the bed surface.

We started the approach booting up the hard frozen layer which was very supportable and strong. Shortly after encountering more wind deposition and sastrugi we triggered this pillow that was in the shape of a tail coming off of a small rock outcropping (See Photos).

Very glad all are ok. Thanks for sending in this great report.

Photos & Video
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