Observation: Turnagain

Location: Placer Valley

Route & General Observations

Motorized Observer Training with the Forecasters

Drove to Turnagain Pass in the morning to find heavy snowfall (approx. 2″/hr.) and very poor visibility.
Temps approx +9F at the car.

Drove back down to Placer to find slightly better viz and slightly warmer temps (mid-teens). Approx 10-
12″ of new snow overnight and at times snowing 1-2″/hr. Upside-down snowpack was very “touchy” along
small test slopes and creek and river banks, with soft slabs sloughing easily under the weight of a sled and
river slope-banks releasing by simply approaching them.

Significant new snowfall is likely to be very sensitive over the next few days, especially above treeline
where winds have likely formed more cohesive slabs. We were unable to travel above treeline (or get any
obs from that terrain) due to limited visibility.