Observation: Turnagain

Location: Pete's North

Route & General Observations

Observer: M. Johnson
Location: Pete’s North
Date: 20130119

Weather: temps were mild in the 20’s. Visibility was moderate, deteriorating throughout the day. It
was lightly snowing all day, slowly increasing in intensity in the afternoon. Winds were light below
treeline, and picked up considerably once at/above treeline. Extent of blowing snow was moderate,
with plumes observed at the ridge tops of both Pete’s North and South.

Avalanche Activity: no recent avalanche activity observed. Some minor sluffing on steeper rollovers.
With the active wind loading, I observed the formation of small wind slabs (<1"). I would expect
these to be thicker and more sensitive on leeward slopes with the increase in both wind and

Snow surface conditions were great for skiing and riding. We did not venture above treeline, as thin
spots and potential trigger points were visible. We played it safe and stayed in the trees. There was
approximately 2″ of soft powder on a supportable base. It became breakable around the 1000′-1800′

I concur with the forecasters rating of LOW below treeline, and MODERATE above treeline.