Observation: Turnagain

Location: Pete's North

Route & General Observations

I was surprised to go to the end of the Pass and still find so little coverage.
Took an up track through the forest and it was quite icy and spicy.
Up in the alders the track threads the needles around them.
Went up to 2800′ and skied two runs.

We were able to still find the Surface Hoar under the new snow at around 1600′ and all the way to 2500′ on several hand shears. Although at 2500′ it decreased in size. No slab character in the lower elevation, but at 2400 starting to change slowly.
A couple of sluffs rolled aways in steeper rollover around treeline, but nothing above 2000′.
Ski quality above 1500′ was good.
Below that was a survival situation… Saving those knees was a task.

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