Observation: Turnagain

Location: Petes North

Route & General Observations

Toured Pete’s North.

Photo below – Glide cracks along up-route on Lipps (seen from Pete’s North). The small crack on the left of the photo is new as of Friday, Jan 4.

Red Flags
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Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Clear skies with Valley Fog. Inverted temps, 0F in Parking Lot with temps climbing into low teens at Ridge line. Light to calm winds.

Snow surface

700-1000ft-dust on crust in open areas. Hard crust in trees. New surface hoar 2-4mm.
1000-1400ft 5-15cm ski penatration on crust. New surface hoar 2-4mm.
1400-2000ft- No crust. Ski penetration 15-20cm. Wide spread new surface hoar diminishing in size with elevation to 1-3cm.
2000ft-3000ft Surface hoar tapers and disappears. Soft snow with near surface faceting. Ski penetration 15-20cm.


Explored location of of BSH from 12/25 and 12/28 by digging multiple quick pits while touring once at tree line. Consistently found layer from 2000ft to 2400ft in these quick shovel pits.

Pit 1 SW at 2500ft (BSH absent)

Pit 2 SW 2800ft HS 215cm and BSH at 70cm below surface. CTNx2 and ECTX. BSH depth varied by nearly 15 cm from one side of pit to other (see photo)

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