Observation: Turnagain

Location: Pete's North

Route & General Observations

Wind slabs present at the top of most ridges – skied Pete’s South, Pete’s North,
Lips and Corner Pocket.

Dug a hasty pit at the top of Pete’s North to see how deep the hard slab was
(~30 cm). Fairly reactive to shear, so was jumping on the snowpack in a safe
spot to clear the wind slab from the top of the run. Nothing moved or fractured.
Moved about 2 m lower and jumped again. The crown broke underneath my skis
propagated roughly 4-5 meters to each side. I was in the middle at the deepest
location ~30 cm crown that thinned out on the sides to ~15 cm.

Was a north facing couloir near the east end of Pete’s North. 14:30 hrs, slide
rand full length, though was mostly fast moving sluff. Definitely enough to take
someone off their feet, enough snow was moving to bury someone if there was a
terrain trap.

Lots of natural activity on south and west facing slopes, photos attached.

Snow skied great.

Photos & Video
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