Observation: Turnagain

Location: Petes North

Route & General Observations

Johnson Pass trailhead to powerline, trees, alders, and up to treeline – 2300′ – on a NW aspect.

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Temperature 5f down low, warming to the teens up high.
Clear in the am, increasing clouds throughout the day.
Light SE wind above treeline mid-afternoon

Snow surface

10-15mm surface hoar on top of fist hard facets to treeline; this surface hoar had been disturbed by winds on more northerly aspects at treeline.

Obvious wind affect on ridge above treeline, and windslabs were present on NW to W aspects at treeline.

Ski Penetration (PS) of 20-30cm in sheltered locations, ~10cm at treeline.


@ 1400' in a sheltered location, 70cm of snow covered the thanksgiving rain crust, with 40cm from last weekend's storm (Fist -> 4 finger hard), 25cm from the week prior under that (1 finger), all over 10cm of 4 finger facets to the stout thanksgiving crust.

Pit #1: NW aspect, 2200', 30 degree slope, Height of Snow = 140cm
From the surface:
10mm Surface Hoar
0-20cm = Fist hard facets
20-40cm - 4 finger hard snow
40-65cm - 1 finger hard snow
65-75cm - 4 finger rounding facets
Over the very stout Thanksgiving melt freeze crust.
Pit result: ECTX.
However, a slight tilt of the column post test caused a sudden planar failure 75cm down in the rounding facets, at the interface with the Thanksgiving Crust

Pit #2: W aspect, 2200', 30 degree slope, Height of Snow = 115cm
Location chosen very close to pit #1 in a more shallow location - same general structure, with a thinner 45cm slab over the four finger facets described above.
Pit Result: ECTP 29 RP 45cm down, just below the 1 finger slab at the top of the rounding facet layer.

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