Observation: Hatcher Pass

Location: Penny Royal Glacier

Route & General Observations

Bomber Traverse hike in a day. Started at Reed Lakes trail head. Observed snow line at 4000ft headed up to Glacier Pass. Snowbird covered in snow. Penny Royal and Backdoor Gap covered in snow. Exited through Gold Mint trail head.

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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New storm snow, variable coverage of 5-15cm. Light winds. Sunny skies. 34F at 6am in Reed Lakes parking lot. 50F at 5pm in Gold Mint parking lot.

Snow surface

New snow was pretty light for August and would have made for some great powder turns. The greatest amount of new snow was observed to be 15cm at Penny Royal glacier, with a total snow depth of approximately 45cm. Observed small D1 point releases on Snow Bird glacier at 5500ft.


Dug hand pit on Penny Royal glacier at 5500ft, NE face. Moderate strength, broke at old-new snow interface.

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