Observation: Hatcher Pass

Location: Peak 4068' Wimp Bowl

Route & General Observations

From Fishhook Lot toured up 4068. We invited two Argentinians from the avalanche center in Bariloche who recently took their Professional Level 1 Avalanche Course with Alaska Avalanche School to join for the day. The four of us took a lap on the southern face (Sunnyside) towards Frostbite and second down Wimp Bowl. We wanted to look for poor snowpack structure, lingering wind slabs, and persistent weak layers/grains that could contribute to instability. We found nothing alarming and great conditions on our descent.

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Mostly sunny with 26F degrees at 4000 feet. Calm winds and no blowing snow.

Snow surface

Soft snow conditions in wind protected locations with a thin 2cm wind skin near ridgeline. We could get minor cracking on isolated wind affected features but slabs were stubborn and small. 4-6 inches of soft snow on leeward slopes but thin and firm surfaces on southeast aspects with persistent weak grains near the surface and ground. Although, we didn't see alarming red flags, dry loose and small wind slab avalanches could be triggered in steep isolated terrain.


The snowpack in our northeast aspect pit location on Wimp Bowl was unimpressive. There were faceted grains below the recent snow, but the hardness did not change too abruptly. A pencil hard layer was evident 100cm below the surface but contained rounding facets. Our Compression Test yielded CT13 RP @25cm down while our ECTN 15@25cm.

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