Observation: Hatcher Pass

Location: Peak 4068

Route & General Observations

Toured up to peak 4068 to search for corn skiing and to check how moist the snow was getting. There was around 15cm of moist snow until around ~3600’ where it switched to sastrugi. As to be expected the crusty skiing was a little sub par until we reached the corn.

Red Flags
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Observer Comments

Some rollerballs were observed under rocks on the lower NW aspect of government. Purposely thrown snowballs on a south aspect @~2000 gained no mass.

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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-Very warm temperatures measured at 3℃ or around 37℉ @2450’
-FEW clouds in the sky
-Light winds

Snow surface

-15cm moist snow with a 5cm melt freeze crust until ~3600
-Sastrugi on E aspect above 3600'
-Surface temp measured -2℃ @2466’ E aspect


4068: @2466’/E aspect/30° slope angle/HS 165 cm/ @15:34
-Right side up snowpack with fist hard moist snow overlying 1f to pencil hard rounds.

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