Observation: Chugach State Park

Location: Peak 3 bowl 3000' elevation

Route & General Observations

West facing, 110 cm depth, wind packed, -5 degrees, wind up high 5-10 mph (estimate).
Snow was knife edge hard up to about 70 cm then ~5 cm of loose 1 finger facets and then another 30 cm hard packed knife edge hard slab up until 5 cm of soft faceted snow on top.
We got ct 10 on the column test that failed at the 70 cm faceted layer (one test only).
We got ectp13 and ectp22 on the extended column test. Failed with propogation on the 70 cm facets.
The surface of the failed layer was type 2.
We decided to stick to 25 degrees or less, avoid the areas up higher near the ridge or peak.

Photos & Video
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