Observation: Turnagain

Location: Pastoral

Route & General Observations

Wow, what a day! Skied into Pastoral today. In general things are pretty
stable. Wide spread wind slab on higher elevation exposed slopes (pastoral
peak) but majority of other slopes appear to have been sheltered and the snow
remains loose. there were a few isolated drainages and gullies that had some
moderate wind slab. Hand pits showed 6 – 8 inches of new snow on top of a
supportable MF crust on south aspects and the same amount of new snow on top of
denser older snow on the N aspects.

Had regular sluffing on steeper slopes >35 degrees but these were all minor.
Amazingly there were no sun crusts to speak of on the new snow, even at lower
elevations when we came out about 16:30.

Sorry no pics, battery was dead.