Observation: Turnagain

Location: Pastoral Pk

Route & General Observations

Obvious Signs of Instability
Recent avalanches-none observed
Shooting cracks-none observed
Collapsing/Whoompfing-yes. Several whoompfs in the lower elevations, avg radius
~30 feet. One in the higher elevations ~3,500’, radius ~60 feet

Clear skies all day. Temps ranged from -single digits to teens F. Calm wind

Surface conditions
A wild array of conditions ranging from 4” of light density snow to impenetrable
“boiler plate” snow to pockets of stiff wind slab.

location #1
1/8 mile East of Taylor Pass
N aspect
35 degrees
ECTN 18 40cm down
on 1mm facets on drizzle crust

see pit profile

Today we had intentions of finding some consistent snow (powder) that had not
been affected by the winds of 12/23. Pit results in this area were “middle of
the road”. Strength tests were moderate. The snowpack structure is poor, but
better than what we have been seeing in other areas around Turnagain. We
decided to ski into an area that had slightly steeper terrain and experienced a
decent sized collapse. Rather than push terrain angle for the sake of better
snow we backed off once we experienced the collapse. Today was a good reminder
that obvious signs should always trump any sort of in depth analysis.

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