Observation: Chugach State Park

Location: Organ Glacier

Route & General Observations

Camped on Organ Glacier Saturday night approaching from South Fork / Flute Glacier, skiing some peaks in the area up to 6900 feet elevation.

Stability and surface conditions aligned quite nicely!

Sun crust / melt crust to 3K feet elevation on approach. Above this N faces were quite soft and skiing well. Wind affected areas had a few inches of snow on a firm but edgable wind slab 1-1.5 feet thick that was not reactive either by observation (no observed natural activity) or on snowpit (ECTX and ECTN 29 on our results.). This 1 ish foot thick wind slab sat on a very thin layer of facets in some areas, though these facets were not universally seen even in the same pit. Even when facets were seen below the slab per ect results above the slabs were well bonded and very stubborn to release.

Snowpack on the glacier was deep and right side up! Even after digging 3 feet deep a probe did not strike ground.