Observation: Girdwood

Location: Notch Mtn - Girdwood

Route & General Observations

Mostly clear with high clouds. Calm winds, temps in the mid 20’s.

Obvious Signs of Instability:
Recent Avalanches – No
Collapsing – No
Cracking – No

Snowpack Observations:
Soft settled powder(F-4F) on old possible melt freeze(1F-P base).

Pit @ 2200ft elevation — Total snowpack 110cm, 25 deg slope angle, WNW aspect.
ECTN 18, 30cm down at 3cm weaker snow sitting on melt freeze base. Finished off
test with very hard whacks with no propagation.
When jumping above pit to fill in, back wall of pit propagated at 80cm depth in a
non-planar fashion.

No surface hoar detected in pit. Enjoyed a few laps of ~35 degree powder from
2500ft down to 1700ft until just below hut where snowpack turns thin with many
rocks, roots, and alder visible.