Observation: Girdwood

Location: Notch

Route & General Observations

Notch to 2300′

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Overcast with valley fog over Turnagain Arm
Occasional light wind - variable - at ridgeline
Temps in the high teens/low 20s

Snow surface

3-6" of soft recent snow along the entire route, with the exception of 1-2" of soft snow on the ridgeline... recent winds didn't impact the surface much even in wind prone locations.

Surface hoar - generally 4-8mm - was present in openings in the trees up to 2000'. See photo below.


Pit #1: 2300', NW aspect, HS=200cm, 18 degree slope. Pit depth 100cm.
Ski penetration of 3", Boot penetration of 7"
Stability tests failed 85cm from the surface in 1-1.5mm facets
These large facets sat on the stout Halloween crust
CT 21, 23, 27 SC & CTNx2. ECTP29 and ECTX, PST 40/100 END
(See photo below for full structure.)

Ski pole probing revealed a similar slab/facet structure from 1400' - 2300', with 80-100cm over the stout Halloween melt/freeze crust.

A fairly recent appearing glide crack was seen on the back of Mt. Alyeska, Northeast aspect, around 1800' (see photo below).

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