Observation: Chugach State Park

Location: NorthFork Eagle River

Route & General Observations

Went for a ski tour and see whats what in the NF ER area. Found the snow in protected areas to be actually skiing super well. Still very limited snow coverage below 2,000 feet.

Red Flags
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Observer Comments

No Red Flags or any sings of instability.

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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No new snow in the last 24hrs. 0-2mph wind. Air temp was roughly -4F to 0. CLR sky.

Snow surface

Snow surface reveled little to no wind effect in the area. some very small isolated wind crust/ small wind slab pockets. Decent size surface hoar building on NW aspects at all elevations. Photo's below. Elevation of photos of surface are @ 2,784 Feet.


HS at 2,800 feet was 70cm. Hand pits revealed about 40cm of low density cold snow full of DF and SH snow sitting on top of a 2-4mm thick crust. sitting under that crust you have about 10cm of faceted snow.

Photos & Video
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