Observation: Summit

Location: Near Tern Lake and Near Sixmile Creek

Route & General Observations

Driving from Soldotna to Anchorage Sunday afternoon 3/24. Road level temperature mostly in the lower 40s. One reading 39F on the N. side of Turnagain Pass. Saw several instances of mineral debris ” skid marks” in mixed avalanche with rockfall. Picture one shows south aspect as one approaches the Tern Lake intersection from the west. Picture two is that really steep slope as ya start to head north, still as a south aspect. Note the significant area of slope failure with exposed minerals. Picture 3 is after the Hope turnoff. I realize it’s hard to see the wet snow failures but they are there. My impression is that these are wet mixed avalanches with rocks/soil starting just below an approximate freezing level. There was some areas of very light rain until Turnagain Arm then areas of rain had to use wipers. Quite a thaw.

Photos & Video
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