Observation: Summit

Location: near manitoba

Route & General Observations

many visible clues for b.c. sleuths today….noted slab releases on various
elevations and aspects, the largest ss3, many crowns and run outs were covered
with more storm snow and wind loading…slides ran far but appeared to be
limited to storm snow, no step downs noted…also numerous point releases that
appeared shallow but had considerable propagation…found visible signs of wind
effect including >6’wind drifts on a south facing ridge in channeled
terrain…strong winds kept snow pluming off ridges and loading lee slopes all
day long…..kept to protected north facing terrain with slope angles <35 and
found no instabilities or settling, only very deep powder with signs of
consolidation compared to Friday ….noted a possible rain layer buried about
12″ down north facing elev 1000″

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