Observation: Summit

Location: Moose Peak - NW Shoulder

Route & General Observations

Toured back to the forest / alder transition on the northwest shoulder of Moose Peak.

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Sky: Broken -> Overcast -> Obscured from noon to 4p
Wind: Calm
Precip.: Intermittent periods of S-1, no appreciable accumulation
Temp: 0C

Snow surface

Soft new snow with no wind effects. Ski pen: 37cm, Boot pen: 65cm


See attached pit profile and photos.
HS at pit location: 150cm
Thanksgiving Crust was easily identifiable and about 95 cm deep at this location
CT11 & CT13 Q2 down 25cm
Most interesting feature of the pit was consistent failure in Compression Tests and a Shovel Tilt Test on a layer I couldn't see or feel within the newer snow. The failures occurred approx. 25cm deep, and despite looking closely I couldn't identify a clear layer. Final photo shows a closeup of that portion of the snowpack with a crystal card behind it to add contrast. Perhaps there is a slightly darker line there indicating a thin layer of buried surface hoar, or perhaps just a discontinuity in the new snow as it fell?

Photos & Video
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