Observation: Other Regions

Location: Montana Creek

Route & General Observations

Widespread avalanches on all aspects and elevations. Many of them appear to have slid on depth hoar. Crowns up to 8 feet deep and 500 feet wide. None of them appear to have been very recent, I assume they went during last Monday’s storm event, similar to Hatcher. Some soft snow, lots of wind affect, pretty good coverage overall. A few small roller balls, point releases, and an unpleasant sun crust on solar aspects.

— Pit #1 in a large/open face that had no signs of already avalanching/debris, but near recent slides.
– Elevation: 3,500 ft.
– Aspect: North.
– Slope Angle: 20 degrees.
– HP: 100 cm.
– HS: 100 cm.
– ECTP15 on 15 cm of depth hoar overlaid by 1 finger snow.

— Pit #2 in the apron of a steep couloir with evidence of old avy debris.
– Elevation: 4,200 ft.
– Aspect: Northwest.
– Slope Angle: 35 degrees.
– HP: 150 cm.
– HS: 150 cm.
– CT28, ECTN22 30 cm down, no obvious interface, presumably bottom of storm snow. 3 finger snow above/below interface.
– CT30 40 cm down, no obvious interface. 3 finger snow above/below interface.
– No depth hoar present, impenetrable ice at bed, could have been old avy debris or relic pocket glacier.

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