Observation: Hatcher Pass

Location: Microdot, South and Gold Chord West

Route & General Observations

Toured from upper lot south side of Microdot, skied down north (Nosebleed), up Murphy Pass to Pinnacle/Far Side Ridgeline, down Crusty Booger back to lot.

Snow on South aspects was mixed between recrystallized, wind crusts and sun crusts, 2cm thick in places (where the angle of incidence has had a strong effect), light trace of new over NSFs up to 10 cm deep.

Protected north had recrystallized 10-15 cm with trace of new on top. Some wind crusts (2-4cm thick) on the surface failed on hand pit isolation over 1.5-2 NSFs, but isolated to specific in distribution, possible future concern.

No SH observed, but plenty of NSF.

Temps at 5ooo’ at 2pm -5C, calm, scattered clouds with soft light

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Scattered clouds, -5C at 5000'

Snow surface

Trace of new over NSF down 10-15 cm


No recent avalanches, no significant propagation in tests, generally boring and stable

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