Observation: Hatcher Pass

Location: Microdot approach, above plateau, below main ridgeline

Route & General Observations

Hatcher Pass Tour
Parking lot time: 1320
Temp: 35°

Set my skin track towards Microdot and selecting out site above plateau on normal approach skin track below ridgelines.

-Ski pole / hand tests on approach after consistent whumphing of 10-20cm at an elevation of 3,230ft .(Snow Depth 125 cm)

-observed roller balls on 28° slope at 3,560 ft. 34°F

Location: 61° 47.20 N 149° 16.01 W
EL: 3,770 ft. Aspect: SE. Incline: 30°
Overcast/ Fully Covered, 0 precipitation
Ski/ Boot Pen: 30/60cm
Snow Depth: 113cm
CT13 Q2 , ECTX

Profile Hardness:
(In cm)
113–91: F
90-86: P
85-78: F
77-68: P
67-31: F
30-28: P
27-9: 4F
8-0: 1F

Heavy Graupel at 1620 for 15 minutes.

No signs of fractures or shooting cracks on descent.
Snow felt heavy, wet and sticky on skis.

Crowns within Eldorado and Skyscraper looked close to 2ft in depth.

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