Observation: Hatcher Pass

Location: Microdot

Route & General Observations

Standard S route up Microdot

Red Flags
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Observer Comments

No obvious signs, Basal Facets collapsed in several snowpit tests

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Clouds obscuring view moving in and out in the afternoon
Air Temp -10 degrees C
Light winds from the NE

Snow surface

Soft dry Fluff,


Tests along skin track showed roughly 16cm of dry snow above a crust that would crack at times but not collapse under foot. Below the crust a layer of facets were widespread or varying depths from 30-70cm. Ski Pen:16cm, Boot Pen: 61cm

At 3700’ we dug pits with varying depths and results. On a SW Aspect, 21degree slope we had a snow depth of 86cm. Hardness results showed 24cm F dry snow over the 18cm1F Mfc and F from 44cm to the bottom, the last 19cm very sugary. Other pits were much deeper in cross loaded slopes with stiffer wind slab snow layers.

Shovel tilt Test: Easy, Q2 failure down 15cm.
CTN, CT25 Q1 Collapsing at basal facets
ECTN29 No Propagation

Overall structure was weak without significant new loading

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