Observation: Girdwood

Location: Max’s Treeline

Route & General Observations

(Submitted from mobile)
Max’s Mountain:
9:15am Standard approach with at most 2” of fresh, dry snow under tree canopy up until 1500’ where Ben and I branched into open meadows. Great visability with pockets of blue sky but broken, great depth of light and thick flakes, 2cm/hour falling. Approx 29°F

Under 1cm/hour @ 1880 ft
Calm wind, 4-5” dry, fresh powder in open terrain
No red flags present during entire day.
12:00- Steady 2cm per/hour,
Sporadic winds under 5mph, 25°F, visibility decreased, fog layer hovered until lower elevations within Treeline.
Test Pit:
Light precip
Calm wind from the North
West Aspect
29° slope
HS 56cm

Hardness Profile:
56-48cm F Dry powder surface
48-36cm P MF crust layer (2cm thick)
34-12cm 4F
12-10 P MF Ice crust (2cm thick)
10-2cm 4F
2xm-Brush Base-Basal facets/ melted rounds

CT14 Q2 26cm from Base, fracture below MF layer
ECT 14 Q2 partial propagation on MF layer
ECTP 16 Q2 full propagation on MF layer

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