Observation: Girdwood

Location: Max's Mountain

Route & General Observations

Max’s standard woodsy wander and west ridge uptrack.
Checking out wind effect, solar effect and the Valentine’s facet layer reactivity.

Red Flags
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Observer Comments

None observed on 2.24.19

Added two photos from 2.25.19.: Small fanning point release on slope above FS in Girdwood and recent wet loose activity on Goat Mtn. Temperatures were above freezing in the Alpine on 2.25.19

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Mostly clear and sunny with some high cloud haze
Temperatures in the 20Fs

Snow surface

In the woods: a few inches of faceted snow on melt freeze crust.
In meadow opening at 650': around a foot of soft faceted snow on a melt freeze crust
Once out of the trees: soft faceting snow, becoming moist on southerly slopes, slight mf crust on ski down,
Variable wind effect in exposed terrain.


Pit # 1 at 2000'. See photo. Valentine's near surface facets and decomposing precip particles 25 cm down. 1 ft to pencil hard snow below all the way down to MLK buried surface hoar 110 cm below the surface.
The surface hoar was still very easy identify sandwiched between thin melt-freeze crusts.

Pit # 2 at 2500'. See photo. Valentine's near surface facets below rime crust attached to 20 cm slab. CT 12 SC, ECTP 13

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