Observation: Girdwood

Location: max mtn

Route & General Observations

Toured up Max’s on Wed 3/7. Had skied there Sun 3/4 and noticed a natural slab avalanche (40 feet across
with a 2′ crown) on an small isolated WNW 38 degree rollover at 2600 feet. Two of us jumped on the
margins of the crown and released more slab. On Sun we did 2 compression tests at 2800 feet on WNW –
CTM 20 55cm Q2 and CTH 22 55cm Q2. Today 3/7 we repeated the compression test slightly higher on
the same slope (2900′) on WNW – CTH 24 55cm Q2 and CTH 28 55cm Q2. As on Sun 3/4 the shears were
very clean and had they been any faster I would have upgraded to Q1s. Didn’t have lens with me today but weak layer looked like old stellars beginning to facet. Skied slopes with no results.

Photos & Video
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