Observation: Hatcher Pass

Location: Marmot Lower and West Face

Route & General Observations

AAS Rec Level 2 did half day tours to learn about the basic state of the snowpack and practice test plus pits.

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Skies scattered most of the day.
Calm wind.
Cold temperatures, single digits at the parking lot noon and 4pm, but sunny slopes felt warmer due to radiation.
Trace of new in am.

Snow surface

Groups found 1-2" of dry cold and loose snow on the surface. No wind impact on surface.


Snowpack continues to be missing a slab, but is harboring two layers of concern that have poor structure. These include midpack facets and depth hoar at the bottom of the snowpack. Repeatable test results showed fairly stubborn weak layers with low/moderate propagation propensity. One ECT test showed propagation on depth hoar, One of the groups had an easy propagation saw test result (PST20/100 End) and ECTP22 @ midpack facets above meltfreeze crust).

Photos & Video
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