Observation: Turnagain

Location: Manitoba Trees (Little Manitoba)

Route & General Observations

Quick run up little Manitoba to see how the snowpack changed from yesterday. There was only a little drifting in of the skin track from 2/17. New track was approximately 15 cm deep and on steeper climbs and traverses you could feel what you compacted under your skis slip about an inch and come to rest. The top layer was laid down warm and this morning’s temps above freezing made for a close to mashed potato consistency on descent.

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Mostly cloudy with some breaks of sun. Light winds generally less than 5mph. Temps were 32-33 degrees F.

Snow surface

A few inches of new snow fell overnight and in the early morning.


Partial pit. Only dug down 1 meter and performed a shovel shear and compression test due to time constraints.
STE Q1 32cm down from top
CT 1 Q1 32cm down from top
CT22 Q3 65cm down from top
Temp 32 degrees F
28 degree slope
W aspect (272)
Alt 2084 (GaiaGPS)
60 40.8829' N, 149 27.1692 W

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