Observation: Summit

Location: Manitoba, Tenderfoot, Colorado

Route & General Observations

Spent Fri, Sat, and Sun poking around Summit. We confirmed the buried surface hoar exists between 2-3500′ on multiple aspects, 30-40cm down, with variable test results. The most reactive were easy ECTP near treeline where the BSH was intact 3-4mm. At treeline and above we found old facets 2-3mm buried about the same depth ~30-40cm deep reactive in most tests with easy to moderate sudden collapse.

Red Flags
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Observer Comments

Easy SP and SC tests.

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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-4C Sunday afternoon north wind was picking up with snow flurries starting.

Snow surface

Surface hoar to 3mm


Tests showed two suspect layers: buried SH and FC down 30-40cm and another layer of old facets/crust combo down ~70cm.