Observation: Summit

Location: Manitoba, Summit Lake

Route & General Observations

Route: Manitoba, normal west side uptrack

Weather: Mostly sunny. Calm to Light North wind. -3 C.

Signs of Instability:
Several 1-2 day old avalanches on steep (40 – 40+) SW-NW slopes.
2 whoomphs on uptrack around 3,400 ft.
Second skier on descent Remote triggered size 2 avalanche 40+ degree slope, W – NW aspect from
15 meters away on 25 degree slope. Propagated into 2 further gullies jumping rock ridges, debris ran
to valley floor.

Snowpack Obs:
Pit dug near spot of remote trigger.
3,400 ft. W aspect 25 degree slope. 125cm height of snow. Buried 4-6mm Surface Hoar, 35cm down.
CT10Q1 sudden collapse.
ECTN22 (Likely would have propagated if done before 2 whoomph’s in area and remote trigger?)

Scary conditions out there! Choose terrain wisely.

This is a great report from the Summit Lake area. Conditions here are thinner than Turnagain but just as, or more, touchy. Yes, choose terrain wisely! This persistent weak layer of buried surface hoar is not likely to go away any time soon. Keep an eye out and your slope angles below 35 degrees with nothing steeper above you. Look for an updated Summit Lake Summary on Saturday morning.

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