Observation: Summit

Location: Manitoba - N Aspect

Route & General Observations

Lots of wind and snow on Saturday on Manitoba, pretty nasty all together. I was
able to set off a small slide remotely in the obvious north facing couloir just
below the summit at ~3400′. I approached along the ridge and jumped from a safe
spot with whoomping immediately and cracks propagating out, setting off a 20′
wide slab with a ~1-2′ crown line. Looks like it broke at about a 35-40 degree
slope and wrapped around to the steeper sections. Jumped out with a lot of
energy from all the freshly fallen and transported storm snow and carried the
length of the 900′ couloir

Skiing on the main western face of Manitoba was stable and very enjoyable
skiing, albeit with low visibility.

Tried to get a photo of the slide, but visibility was too bad and light too flat
to get a clear shot.

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