Observation: Summit

Location: Manitoba

Route & General Observations

Route: Traveled from 1200ft to 3700ft on Manitoba

Sunny with mild temps in the 20s F and moderate winds in the morning. Clouds moving in around
14:30 and gusty winds from the E picked up. Observed blowing snow from ridges. (see photos)

Signs of Instability:
Recent Avalanches: None Observed
Cracking: None Observed
Collapsing: Some small collapses in the flats around 2200ft

Surface Observations:
1200ft to 2000ft: Thin rain crust over soft, dry snow from the previous couple days.
2000ft to 3700ft: Soft new snow, some places had a thin, breakable wind crust.

Snowpack Observations:
Dug a pit at 2400ft on a WSW aspect (See Photo)

There is 40cm of recent storm snow from F to 4F hardness sitting on top of a 7cm weak layer of F hard
facets mixed with surface hoar. This is a layer of concern and is sitting on the stout January melt freeze crust.
The wind was beginning to affect the surface snow, loading in places, creating scoured locations and
wind crusts.


Photos & Video
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