Observation: Summit

Location: Manitoba

Route & General Observations

Started at the parking lot at 12:15, fresh snow accumulation of 1″ and still coming down, low visibility, 30° with snow caking on top of skis and clumping on my partner’s skins. Regular route up. 18″ of pretty heavy powder on top of snowpack in sheltered areas below treeline (combination of past several storms), tapering off to 6″ in the meadows and noted one place where there was just the 1″ of the freshest precipitation on top of a very stiff snowpack (previously wind effected).

Around 2,000’ the wind really picked up but surprisingly the visibility cleared up (snow coming down felt harder and icier).

Around 2,500’ started seeing wind effect. No whumphing, shooting cracks, etc.

Back in the parking lot by 3:30, 30° and visibility still pretty clear.

Photos & Video
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