Observation: Summit

Location: Manitoba

Route & General Observations

Toured up standard road route and then north side of the obvious gully on Manitoba to the peak. Stopped to dig a pit along the ridge line about 1/2 way between tree line and the summit. Great skiing!

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Weather & Snow Characteristics
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28F, calm-2mph West wind with gusts around the peak strong enough to move a little snow, overcast skis with increasing clearing through the day

Snow surface

~30-40cm new snow in the alpine. New snow is a slightly dense but skied very well. We had similar observations about the new snow that was observed at Tenderfoot recently, little new snow at treeline and much more up high.


Many layers in the snow pack. Some showed reactivity within normal pit parameters, some outside of normal testing.
Aspect: W-SW, 250degrees
Slope: 26%
CT29 37cm down, Q1-2
ECTP26 37cm down, Q1-2 - sudden planar, did not slide on failure but slid easily with little pressure being pried out. Failed on buried surface hoar ~6mm (please see picture)

Outside of normal parameters there were also weak layers with planar failures at 43cm down and 95cm down with obvious slabs overlying them. These were not reactive within normal testing but easy to find with extra digging and prying. Look to have failed on faceted snow.

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