Observation: Other Regions

Location: Main Bowl

Route & General Observations

The big issue with our snowpack are those slippery crusts that
you can feel under that light fluffy powder. They are not a
problem today (other than sluffs), but they might be our next
dangerous weak layer once they get buried with more snow. There
is a thick rain crust that goes to about 2800 feet, and there is
a smooth wind buffed layer at the higher elevations above 2800

The bowls along Seattle Ridge are mostly at elevations below 3000
feet; so, this rain crust might become a serious problem during
the next heavy storm. We actually found two crusts (crust
sandwich) with a bad temperature gradient underneath them that
create a weak layer sugary facets under the crusts.

We also dug some hand pits in Warm Up Bowl and found what felt
like similar conditions.