Observation: Girdwood

Location: Magpie Peak

Route & General Observations

Toured from below the Crow Pass trailhead to the top of the Southeast couloir of Magpie. Snow conditions were general right side up and stable, with several centimeters of fresh powder on top. Snow fell throughout the tour, and visibility was generally poor.

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Snow was falling at about S1 throughout the tour (~930-330), with calm winds at the start of the day, increasing to light winds as we climbed. Temperatures also increased throughout the day from about 17 F to 25 F.

Snow surface

New, slightly damp snow on top of a crusty layer.


We dug a study pit at the top of the Magpie hanging glacier before climbing the couloir.
East facing, 4042 feet, calm, overcast, S1, at 1230. HS of 225 cm. Test results including CT24 RP @75cm down and ECTP23 RP @ 75cm down. Both of these failed on a buried crust layer. Informal stability testing throughout the day indicated a relatively stable, right side up snowpack.

Photos & Video
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