Observation: Turnagain

Location: Magnum West face

Route & General Observations

The snow is thin on magnum, about 6 inch deep on top of hard pack. About half way up the west/north side skin track the snow was becoming very wind slab affected, getting thicker the higher up we went. We rode down the west face (rode great), but there was very fresh avalanche debris at the bottom, had to be only a day or so old, large run out. Unsure if human triggered or natural, vis was poor. (See forecaster note below)

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Forecaster Comments

AJB-Confirmed with observer that the avalanche noted above was this avalanche that occurred on January 5th. https://www.cnfaic.org/observations/nw-shoulder-magnum-next-to-common-uptrack/
Observer did want to stress the amount of wind effect and wind slab potential.