Observation: Turnagain

Location: Magnum West Face 3000'

Route & General Observations

Ascended NW shoulder to 3000′. Found good stability and firm surface conditions above 2000′ with 2″ of new snow. No red flags, but snow was being transported in the alpine on leeward aspects. At 3:30pm- not enough accumulation on Magnum to be a concern.

On the North side of the Turnagain Pass there was moderate rainfall, North of Tincan. Not much rain observed on South end of Pass.

Red Flags
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Observer Comments

At 3:30pm below 1500' - snow was wet and becoming very punchy, and could push and entrain wet snow (top 8") on small steep test slope.

New glide release on Pete's South. See photo
Two recent glide release on Seattle Ridge. See photos

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Variable weather conditions: Visibility was fair to good with scattered snow/rain showers and patches of blue skies
Temps: 1000'= high 30F's
Winds: NE 15-30mph
Rain/snow line ~1800, Total snow accumulation ~2cm, on leeward aspect of ridge ~5cm

Snow surface

1000' ~ at 1pm boot pen=knee deep, at 3:30pm boot pen=thigh high
1500' ~at 1:30pm boot pen=boot deep
1800' -3000': boot pen=2" deep w/ ~2cm of new snow at 3:30pm


We focussed on surface conditions for our primary concerns. The snow below 1800' did not have a good re-freeze overnight is most suspect for wet loose avalanches. In the Alpine new snow accumulations and blowing snow were loading leeward aspects on a firm melt/freeze crust. At 3:30pm only 5cm of new snow was observed on leeward aspects at 3000'.

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