Observation: Turnagain

Location: Magnum Ridge - NW shoulder

Route & General Observations

Toured up the NW shoulder of Magnum Ridge to take a look at any fresh wind slabs
and possible buried surface hoar. We found both – and on the common NW shoulder

The video is a clip showing an ECT propagation test in an area where a 1 finger
hard wind slab sits on a buried layer of surface hoar. Our results were four
times an ECTP9 to ECTP11 Q1. All tests failed 10-12″ deep on the buried surface hoar.

This structure was not found everywhere and the buried surface hoar was
scattered under the new snow from Tues/Wed but present enough that we backed off
any slope with a wind slab.

Weather/Avalanche obs:
Rain/snow line around 600-700′. Precip backed off by 9-10am and skies began to
clear. Small to medium wet point release avalanches began by ~1-2pm on southerly
tilted aspects receiving sun. Warm day, very wet snow below 1500′.

Photos & Video
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