Observation: Turnagain

Location: Magnum NW Shoulder

Route & General Observations

Magnum NW shoulder ascent, PMS bowl descent x3.
Observed many skiers on Cornbiscuit, SuperBowl, and other steep terrain nearby.

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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temp: -6 to 6 above
winds: calm
sky: scattered to broken

Snow surface

Generally, soft surface snow
Rain crust present to about 2600' on uptrack.
2cm thick wind crust on top of soft snow @ 2800' on Magnum NW shoulder uptrack
Large cornices over many parts of Magnum S face.

Descent on PMS bowl: SSW aspect, very high quality and deep snow. Found rain crust around 3000' at bottom of run.


Pit location: Magnum NW shoulder
Aspect: SSW. Elevation: 3,400'. Slope angle: 30*. 11:30 AM. Wind: Calm. Sky: Scattered HS: 250
Found remnants of visible BSH 65cm down

CT 22 Q2 @ 40cm, Q2 @ 65cm on visible BSH remnants
ECTN 22 @ 40cm
ECTN 27 @ 65cm on visible BSH remnants

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