Observation: Turnagain

Location: Magnum

Route & General Observations

Took the dogs swimming at Magnum today!

Did a few runs south to west facing.

Clear skies and mostly light winds with a small amount of snow being transported
by stronger gusts. Deep powder. Wind affected just below and along the ridges.
Dropping in just east of the first prominent peak into a south facing line and
then breaking a knee deep trail directly back up to the peak noticed that the
snow is getting cohesive and a soft slab is developing from about mid-slope to
the more heavily wind affected ridges where it’s a much firmer, deeper windslab
but without much apparent energy. The lower soft slab didn’t exhibit much
worrisome energy, although there was a very thin soft slab that released
apparently naturally (couldn’t locate any tracks coming down into it from the
ridge) further back towards Superbowl in a steeper, rockier section. While
thin, this slide was quite wide spanning the entire wide upper section where
folks typically enter the run – definitely big enough to knock someone over hard
and drag them over the rocks below. There was also some significant sloughing,
triggered by the lone skier that ventured further back along the Magnum ridge
towards Superbowl.

A lone boarder also appeared to have hit a north facing Cornbiscuit chute, with
some significant sloughing coming from just below the ridge in the steepest
section. Also noted other sloughs that occurred naturally steeper Corbiscuit
north facing.

Another thin soft slab appeared to have been skier triggered Magnum west facing
from a steep roll. Significant sloughing coming down from the top of the west
face through the rocks. Other significant sloughs on lower steep sections as well.