Observation: Turnagain

Location: Lyon Cr

Route & General Observations

Clear skies, zero wind, temps between 15-25 deg F

Surface Obs

It was another quiet day in avalanche terrain. Cornices still loom above many
starting zones (photo 1).
Loose snow sluffing (dry) was minimal in terrain over 45 degrees. Below this
slope angle no snow was moving.

Variable conditions exist on differing aspects. Ridge lines are a great place
to get a feel for this (photo 2).

Faceting is occurring on all aspects and more so on shaded slopes. Wind slabs
and sastrugi (photo 3) that formed over a week ago are very slowly “rotting out”. This
process is happening slowly. As such, sluffing has not been a major concern.
There is potential for this to become more of a concern with continued clear and
dry conditions.

Surface hoar has been forming on the surface at all elevations. It has been
observed in pockets and is NOT an evenly distributed layer. We will focus more
on surface conditions as potential weak layers prior to the next storm approaching.

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