Observation: Turnagain

Location: Lynx Drainage

Route & General Observations

Rode into the upper areas of Lynx creek drainage to look at the snowpack in this zone that is South of Turnagain Pass. General snowpack depth was shallow, 1-2meters on average.

Red Flags
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Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Sunny with valley fog. Calm winds in drainage and temperatures in the mid 20's F.

Snow surface

3-4" of new low density snow over hard old wind affected surfaces.


Lots of spatial variability in snowpack depth due to prior wind affect. Two pits:

Pit 1- 3,200', NW, HS 300cm, Hight of Pit 110cm, ECTP 11 and ECTN 12 down 8-10" on decomposing fragments (old stellars) under a pencil hard wind slab. No other weak layers found.

Pit 2- 2,800', East, HS 160cm, Hight of Pit 120cm, found BSH (assuming January 21) and facets down 40 cm. Results on this layer were CT25, ECTN22 x 2, & PST 30/100 SF. There was also a layer of 2mm facets down 80 cm. CTN, ECTX, & PST 95/100 END. The hardness was P and 1F+ top to bottom. The layer of stellars below the wind slab found in pit 1 was present down about 10-15 cm, but I no results on that layer.

Side note: We were concerned with the stability on the Eastern facing slopes on the West side of Lyny creek, which are thinner and also wind loaded from last week. Last Wednesday a large natural avalanche occurred on a similar aspect and elevation one ridge to the West.

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