Observation: Turnagain

Location: Lynx Creek

Route & General Observations

Johnson Pass trailhead into the Lynx Creek drainage with snowmachines. Photos of Pete’s S glide do not do it justice…. That is another large, spooky glide release (Saturday night/ Sunday morning).

Red Flags
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Observer Comments

None observed today

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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36 and raining at the bottom of Turnagain Pass (sea level). Partly sunny and 32 degrees at the Pass proper. Visibility was in and out all day with less than an inch of snow falling in the Turnagain Pass/ Johnson Pass areas, though precipitating (mostly rain) all day in the Portage/ Girdwood valleys.
Winds were actively transporting snow on ridges. Blowing in the 20-40mph range gusting to 60's from the NE.

Snow surface

12-24" of soft, settled powder above 1800' (deeper with elevation). Note: we were in terrain that is fairly protected from NE winds.


Dug a pit at 3,000' on a NE aspect. ECTX x 2 (see video). HS= 3+ meters (10+ feet).
Found an obvious layer of buried surface hoar (BSH) about 60cm below the surface. This likely formed during or right after the Jan.30/ 31 weekend of high pressure. Soft, settled storm snow was about 60cm on top of the BSH. Proved un-reactive at this location.

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