Observation: Turnagain

Location: Lynx Creek

Route & General Observations

Clear skies, light to moderate North and Westerly winds, temps in the teens F,
no precip.

Obvious Signs Instability:
Small natural and human triggered loose and wet loose (mostly from 3/16) in terrain >45 degrees
No collapsing
No shooting cracks

Surface obs:
Variable conditions ranging from pockets of recently formed wind slab, 2-6″
thick to faceted, loose “recycled” powder. No new surface hoar observed today.

Colder temps and a breeze helped to prevent any natural loose snow activity
today on sunlit aspects (see photo #2)

Pit results
ENE aspect 3900′, 35 deg slope
No layers of concern
1 layer of buried surface hoar found in one pit (8″ down)and not in an adjacent
one 40′ away. This layer has high strength with low propagation potential, and
is not evenly distributed.

Hand shears showed relatively good bonding of older wind slabs with weak layers
below. Wind slabs were not a concern in this area today.

Sluffing was low volume, medium speed in terrain >45 degrees

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