Observation: Turnagain

Location: Lynx Creek

Route & General Observations

We rode up Lynx Creek to get eyes on the snowpack at the south end of Turnagain Pass. The only avalanche concern we noted today was the ongoing very active glide cycle, which has hit the Lynx Creek area just as hard as the rest of the advisory area. While some route finding was made a bit more complicated because of active glide cracks, we felt good enough about the snowpack in general to step out into bigger terrain. We had a great time skiing and riding some steep terrain on Captain’s Chair and in the upper Lynx Creek drainage.

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Temperatures were in the single digits F down in the valleys, making for a very cold ride in this morning. Temps felt like mid 20's F at ridgetops this afternoon, with sunny skies and very light winds.

Snow surface

Surfaces are variable. We found a few sheltered pockets with soft dry snow above around 3000', but most slopes either had a thin rime crust or thin breakable wind slabs on the surface.


The only avalanche we saw (besides all of the glide activity) was a small, old wind slab avalanche at the top of the Lynx Creek drainage. We played around on multiple small but steep test slopes without any signs of unstable snow, and we saw more tracks than we've ever seen in the Lynx Creek area without any signs of avalanche activity. All of this is making us feel confident in the snowpack for now. We dug a pit on a NW slope at 3250' before we really got into big terrain just to double check our assessment, and didn't see anything concerning in the upper 4' of the snowpack. This long stretch of cold and clear weather is driving the faceting process with the snow on the surface, but that won't be a concern until we get another storm. See attached snowpit profile for snowpack details.

Photos & Video
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