Observation: Turnagain

Location: Lynx Creek

Route & General Observations

Standard route from Johnson Pass (N) TH across Bench Creek and up Lynx Creek. NOTE: Johnson Pass (N) TH still not plowed as of 4pm on 12/28.

A dozen or more glide cracks appearing in this zone on all aspects. Between 2300′ and 3500′.

Red Flags
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Observer Comments

A dozen or more glide cracks appearing in this zone. No new releases since before Christmas.

No recent avalanches, shooting cracks or whumfing observed.

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Single digit temps at the highway (~700'), warmed into the mid-20's at 2300'. Mostly clear skies giving way to high clouds and deteriorating light by mid afternoon. Snowing lightly thru Turnagain Pass and down the hill toward Ingram Creek at 5pm. Winds were light all day.

Snow surface

High quality, settled powder. Observed small (~1mm surface hoar) on surface at 2900'. No wind effect observed from 700 - 2900'.


HS = 130cm @ 2300'. ECTP21. 60cm down on 1-2mm facets at density change. Top meter of snowpack is right side up. Moist facets at the ground. Crust/ facet combo present in lower third of snowpack, similar to Turnagain Pass core.

Xmas buried surface hoar present ~5cm below surface.

HS = 150cm @ 2900' Small (1-2mm) surface hoar observed at 2900' that grew last night.

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